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  • 2014 Gala Video

    2014 La's Promise Gala


  • Robert Rodriguez Acceptance Speech

    Robert Rodriguez Acceptance Speech.



  • Amgen Science Program

    Amgen Science Program Prepares West Adams Prep Students for Careers in Science

    Since 2007, Amgen has made a significant commitment to LA's Promise schools in South Los Angeles. The partnership provides a first-rate education to students and creates an infrastructure that supports and breeds innovation.

  • USATF Launches Run With Us!

    USATF Launches Run With Us! at John Muir Middle School

    LA's s Promise, in partnership with the USA Track & Field (USATF) Foundation, launched the inaugural Run With Us! (RWUS!) program at John Muir Middle School. Under the direction of USATF Executive Director Tom Jackovic and Chairman Bob Greifeld, RWUS! is a during and after school program facilitated by Olympic athletes who promote self-esteem and help youth set fitness goals.

  • E! LA's Promise

    E! LA's Promise

    LA's Promise 2011 Gala honoree, Ryan Seacrest talks to E! about his work with LA's Promise teachers and students to help inspire creativity and imagination while supporting health and fitness.

  • The Student Perspective

    West Adams Prep, the Student Perspective

    The film crew from West Adams Prep captures students' expressions of gratitude, friendship and school pride. Take a look at how West Adams' staff, teachers and students are coming together to improve school culture and academic success. Students are prepared for college and ready for a bright future!

  • Jamie Oliver Food Revolution - Episode 1

    Jamie Oliver Food Revolution - Episode 1

    The Jamie Oliver Food Revolution makes its way to LAUSD, where over a half million processed meals are served to students everyday. With the support of South LA parents, Jamie Oliver breaks through institutional resistance to uncover what's really inside school food, marking the beginning of a food revolution.

  • Jamie Oliver Food Revolution - Episode 2

    Jamie Oliver Food Revolution - Episode 2

    Jamie Oliver revisits the school board hoping to gain access into LAUSD schools to bring students healthier food. Despite parent protests and emails to the school board, there's still no luck...until he discovers MLA partners schools. With pressure to ensure the very best for their students, Jamie Oliver is excited to finally bring his revolution inside the campus of West Adams Prep High School.

  • Jamie Oliver Food Revolution - Episode 3

    Jamie Oliver Food Revolution - Episode 3

    Jamie Oliver gets creative and takes his revolution to the streets at Patra's Burgers to help make fast food restaurants part of the solution. Back at West Adams Prep, Jamie teaches his first cooking class that will ultimately serve the entire school.

  • Jamie Oliver Food Revolution - Episode 4

    Jamie Oliver Food Revolution - Episode 4

    Jamie Oliver goes from cooking for one class, to cooking for the entire school! Here's his chance to integrate cooking and nutrition with subjects like math. Students are challenged to see the rewards of eating healthy.

  • Jamie Oliver Food Revolution - Episode 5

    Jamie Oliver Food Revolution - Episode 5

    Jamie Oliver hears the cooks' side of the story and faces another obstacle as he learns about their fear of negative publicity. Meanwhile, Jamie visits the Barrett family, who had a food revolution of their own. Seeing the positive results of a family that ditched the fast food for fruits and veggies pushes Jamie to move forward in his efforts to improve the quality of food for LAUSD students.

  • Jamie Oliver Food Revolution - Episode 6

    Jamie Oliver Food Revolution - Episode 6

    Jamie revisits Patra's burger joint to see remarkable improvements in their menu and gets an idea that will get the attention of the new LAUSD Superintendent, John Deasy. Meanwhile, West Adams Preparatory High School continues the effort to build awareness of healthy eating with a teaching garden and a new and improved school menu.

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