LA's Promise is privately funded through the generous support of corporations, foundations and individuals. LA's Promise does not receive public funds of any kind.


The model practiced by LA's Promise promises significant returns on each philanthropic investment. The traditional approach to supporting public schools is either hands off (financial or human capital is provided, and schools are left to manage the allocation) or non-existent (capital bypasses schools in favor of supporting direct-service interventions conducted by outside organizations). In both these situations, efficiency and accountability are typically absent.


LA's Promise is a leader in the national school turnaround movement, showing undeniable results, rapid improvements and early dramatic gains. Currently serving nearly 8,000 middle and high school students, LA's Promise will grow to over 15,000 students in grades K-12 over the next decade. With your support we can continue our challenging work in one of the most distressed communities of Los Angeles, preparing every neighborhood child to be college-ready, healthy and successful in life.


Your generosity will help us fund the following programs:


  • Innovative Education
  • Go for College
  • Teachers and Leaders
  • 7 to 7
  • Health and Wellness
  • Promise Parents


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