Neighborhood Turnaround

Academic Rigor

Personal, High Performing and College and Career-Ready K-12 Schools

LA’s Promise manages and turns around traditional LAUSD schools, creating a cohesive K-12 family of personal, high-performing schools to serve every child in LA’s Promise Neighborhood. LA’s Promise transforms chronically underperforming schools into high performing and college and career-ready environments.

Innovative Education

LA's Promise schools are known for their hallmark academic programs and cutting-edge lesson design. LA’s Promise connects students and teachers with the best resources available to transform the public school classroom into a place of excitement and inspiration. In keeping with state-of-the art, research-based educational methods, LA’s Promise is implementing Blended Learning and Linked Learning across its campuses exemplified in organizing Small Learning Academies (curricula and resources) around Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) career-themed educational tracks.

Blended Learning mixes different learning modalities within each curriculum, combining traditional face-to-face classroom methods with modern computer-mediated activities, allowing both students and teachers more time for direct instruction, more specific use of group instruction, and a more customized curricular experience for students learning at varying levels and pace.

Linked Learning structures curricula of rigorous academics around real-world professions, emphasizing college and career goals into all study. Linked Learning calls for the combination of challenging academics around a core curriculum with (i) the addition of career and technical coursework emphasizing the practical, real-world use of the knowledge gained in academics and preparing youth for employment; (ii) opportunities for students to further their learning in work environments, from mentorship to internships and apprenticeships; and (iii) full academic and social support systems, including counseling and additional instruction in reading, writing and mathematics, with the goal of breaking down the walls of the traditional classroom to bring valuable resources to help all students succeed in and outside school.

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Go for College

A college preparatory education for every neighborhood child is the fundamental mission of LA's Promise. Through an enormous network of leading colleges, businesses and other partners, LA's Promise ensures every students access to life-changing opportunities. As a focus inside and outside of the classroom, LA's Promise provides students the motivation and support necessary to attend college and pursue a promising career.

Go for College is grounded in the belief that all students should be informed to make a strong and personal choice about pursuing higher education. Go for College exposes the LA’s Promise student body to an array of two- and four-year, public and private colleges and universities. An LA's Promise College Access Administrator works daily with each campus’ college counselor to navigate students through the college research and selection process, preparing them to meet the requirement of applying to at least one college or university before graduation. From mandatory college trips for every 9th grader to college counselor training for every teacher, Go for College creates a culture where college prep is the norm and every student has equal access to higher education. Through events such as an annual college fair and the incorporation of student College Ambassadors, students and families receive the necessary support to complete the college admission process.

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Teachers & Leaders

Building the capacity of teachers and administrators is a primary way LA's Promise will sustain real reform and efficiency at its schools. Teachers & Leaders is an LA’s Promise program dedicated to providing ongoing professional development and opportunities, including offerings to strengthen both classroom educators and school administrators. Teachers & Leaders aims to give our team the resources and support necessary for them to move from being educators to becoming entrepreneurial, strategic, and visionary thinkers.

Through Teachers & Leaders, Directors of Teaching and Learning based at each school site provide departmental Professional Development and ongoing principal and teacher support through individual observations, debriefing, data analysis, and planning help. Teachers are funded by LA’s Promise, through Amgen, across all campuses for full National Board Certification, National Board Professional Development programs, and National Board conferences. LA's Promise works with organizations like Teacher’s Curriculum Institute to further provide professional development on a departmental basis. Amgen also helps LA’s Promise maintain the best possible team of classroom teachers, in part by funding a cohort of 20 teachers for National Board Certification and 20 teachers for Take One, a one-year National Board professional development program.

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