Neighborhood Turnaround

School as Hub

Community Beacons for physical, mental and social services

LA’s Promise turns neighborhood schools into community hubs that offer services and opportunities all day long. LA’s Promise manages and screens partners who provide a vast array of wraparound services to students and families. To accomplish widespread access to thousands, LA’s Promise and its partners integrate these services into and through the school day facilitating universal access to fundamental services for all students and radically increasing access.

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7 to 7

7 to 7 is LA’s Promise’s array of before, during, and afterschool programs designed to make the school site a trusted and enriching community hub from 7am to 7pm every day, and often for hours beyond. 7 to 7 focuses mainly on the belief of “Wraparound Services” and utilizes the services of dozens of organizational partners and structures those services into classes and programs that are intertwined with the regular school day. 7 to 7 classes and workshops are offered in multiple areas, from tutoring programs, to sports, to outings to and collaborations with, for example, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, to gang intervention groups and beyond. 7 to 7 courses are provided by dozens of LA's Promise partners, including Brotherhood Crusade, Children's Bureau, Street Poets, Girl Scouts, and the YMCA.

7 to 7 has been a huge success among students and their families, making the school the focal point of resources and activity for the whole community. The program significantly extends the school day to provide extra educational and enrichment programs. LA's Promise's 7 to 7 program invites students and families to participate in meaningful activities through an extended, engaging and holistic school day.

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Health & Wellness

LA’s Promise believes that an effective education means paying attention to the full spectrum of a child’s development. With community health as a main focus, LA's Promise Health and Wellness program empowers students to evaluate their current lifestyle habits and to make more informed choices. Our partners bring access to health, fitness, and lifestyle education and training and have developed two primary activities that ensure access to fundamental health services for every student at an LA's Promise school: (i) universal health screenings and (ii) restructuring and supplementing health, PE courses, and activities related to nutrition.

LA’s Promise is expanding the pilot of our Manual Arts Health Clinic by bringing a mobile unit to John Muir Middle School to meet the health needs of students there. The clinic at Manual Arts has demonstrated promising results in reducing disease and improving student health, with a 25% reduction in sexually transmitted disease rates as only one indicator. The clinic integrates three critical activities into each school day to ensure the healthy development of every child: (i) health screenings; (ii) a health insurance enrollment program; and (iii) a health intervention class for students with the highest health needs.

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Promise Parents

LA's Promise believes that parents, families, guardians, and other school stakeholders are key partners in achieving a school’s vision and, through the school, a community’s vision. Because of the importance of parent engagement in our student success, LA's Promise staffs every school with a full time Associate Director of Parent Engagement. This position works closely with parent volunteers to run Promise Parents, a full program of parent-focused offerings. With ongoing parent education courses, volunteer and leadership opportunities, and consistent and ongoing parent communication, LA’s Promise works with parents to overcome barriers to school involvement and to make sure all parents are aware of their child's education each step of the way.

Promise Partners was created to implement three key engagement activities:

  • Ongoing Parent Support Courses. Through key partnerships, LA's Promise empowers parents through ongoing support and education courses. For example, the Mexican American Legal Defense Education Fund provides parent leadership workshops that focus on preparing their child for college. Get Fit Go Play offers yoga courses, and Community Services Unlimited provides a healthy cooking class. Additionally, parents are offered courses to increase their knowledge of student testing, education rights and financial literacy.
  • Volunteer and Leadership Opportunities. Parents at LA's Promise schools are key partners in the school's daily operations. Parents support our schools by chaperoning field trips, providing clerical support, leading a school valet service, assisting with uniform sales, providing support during testing and supervising safety. For example, Manual Arts parent volunteers were critical in the success of the school's new uniform policy. Parents organized and developed a volunteer group called the "Parent Patrol." Parents who completed extensive training received walkie-talkies, a safety team uniform and assisted with supervision.
  • Consistent and Ongoing Parent Communication. LA's Promise works closely with faculty members and administrators to develop a system for consistent and ongoing parent communication. LA's Promise mandates that teachers communicate with parents on a regular basis, using various tools such as Connect-Ed messages, personal phone calls, mailings, emails and one-on-one conferences. Special attention and more frequent communications will occur for students who are high risk. Additionally, to ensure that parents and community members are informed about the school's challenges, successes and overall progress, LA's Promise and school administrators hold monthly "town hall" meetings, Coffee with the Principal, with parents and community members.

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